IP and Network Camera Recording Software


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Support EverFocus NeVio series IP cameras, megapixel cameras, 3rd party video encoders/IP cameras and more
• Accepts MPEG4/MJPEG/H.264 video formats
• Remote PTZ operation and supports PTZ reaction presets
• Multiple monitor display with up to 64 cameras in Live View and up to 16 cameras in Playback View
• Local view with 1 or (optional) 2 monitors for Live View plus (optional) 1 monitor dedicated for simultaneous Playback View
• Remote Live View with 1 or (optional) 2 monitors (or 1 monitor for Playback View only)
• Smart detection of many types of camera, input, POS and system events, with 10 potential instant alarm responses (example, email alert and E-map popup)
• Complete I/O device integration
• Intelligent playback system with 5 video analytic searches
• Remote client live viewer, playback, backup, I/O control and remote desktop operation
• Joystick support on PTZ cameras and software enabled digital PTZ function are both available
• Preset points and patrol functions are also available on many camera models
• User friendly graphical user interface (GUI) with camera drag and drop for setup and recording, familiar to all users with basic PC knowledge
• Audio and video recording synchronization
• Watermark capability
• Resource Management tool can monitor system resources and trigger instant alarm notifi cations
• DDNS functionality
• 3 GPP/PDA/Mobile Handy Viewer support
• Remote I/O control
• Video enhancement tools t fi ne tune the image’s visibility, sharpness, brightness, contrast or even grey scale
• Export to AVI or ASF fi le format
• Take a snapshot of the recording in BMP or JPEG format to print or fi le
• Back up video images to USB drives, CD/DVD or hard disk drives
• Schedule recording can be set by day, week or repeating interval
• Intelligent Search recognizes 5 different special events (general motion, missing object, foreign object, camera occlusion and signal lost) in recorded files, in addition to searches by date, time and log file
• Counting application with direction for certain objects or areas
• Bit rate display for overall usage and per camera stream helps manage bandwidth utilization
• Unusual events are recorded to the system log, and counting application results can be exported to an Excel or text for analysis