Security Hand Held Metal Detector


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This Hand Held Metal Detector is a user-friendly portable metal detector capable of detecting all concealed metallic items including guns and small knives to handcuff keys, box cutters and tiny jewelry or electronic components carried by persons. Complete with Recgargeable battery & case

Light weight security scanner

The Guardspirit is considered as one of the best hand held detectors in the world, so simple and portable (Unit Dimension: 440mm L X 60mm W X 110H mm Working current: 9v “AA” battery Alarm terms: sound (vibration) and light alarm simultaneously

It is capable to detect all concealed metallic objects including guns, knives, box cutters, jewels and even tiny electronic components carried by passengers, it is suitable for using at airports, seaports, banks, public buildings, stadiums, schools, hospitals etc.

The detector is durable and refined and is extremely light for user´s convenience. The detector provides a large scanning surface to permit quick and thorough scanning and it has vibration function for avoiding noice or disturbance.