Walk Through 24 Zone Screening Unit


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This is a professional walkthrough metal detector for weapons detection and access control. Target objects, such as guns and knives, are consistently and accurately detected Personal items such as keys, coins, belt buckles and spectacles can pass through without causing alarm, if required. Used by Prisons, Schools, Courtrooms, Financial institutions, Municipal buildings, Sporting events, Nightclubs /concerts, Conferences, conventions and V.I.P. Protection.

Professional Multi zone walk through scanner

Technical Parameters
Electric current: AC85V~264V/50-60HZ
Power: <20W, low consumption, low radiation
Net weight: 70KG
Workplace environment: -20deg +50deg
Standard: GB15210-2003, CE
Standard External size: 2225mm(H)X860mm(W)X560mm(D)
Standard Internal size: 2055mm(H)X700mm(W)X500mm(D)