Cable Managed Heated Housing Kit with Easy Camera Access


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The ECH400 housing kits provide protection for the camera and cable using an all-new cable-managed bracket. Finished with an attractive metallic silver coating the ECH400 looks far more expensive than it actually costs!

With the ECH400 integrated cable managed bracket you can bring the CCTV cables directly into the housing without them being exposed to vandals or the elements. The bracket facilitates either the cable coming directly into it through the wall or rising up to it.

Fully adjustable, it’s easy to mount the ECH400 housing to look in any direction so that you can get the exact shot of the scene you want. Using an engineer friendly one-hand locking mechanism it means you can securely lock the bracket into position using just one hand for safer installation at height. The locking allen key is provided with the kit.

The ECH400’s attractive silver finish means it looks great on both traditional and contemporary buildings, being a deterrent but not an eyesore. If you are going to fit an expensive CCTV camera that is never going to be seen, you still need to make sure that the housing looks good and the ECH400 certainly does.

Using a dual-voltage heater that’s suitable for both 12V DC operation and 24V AC operation the RHINO can be used flexibly in a multitude of CCTV installations with different power supplies.

Unlike some heated housings, the ECH400 doesn’t use a resistor to heat it up and instead uses a special “switching-thermistor”. The thermistor has the added advantage that its resistance changes with its own temperature. This means its output heat is actually variable to suit the outside air temperature. When its very cold the thermistor has a low resistance permitting maximum heat output. Similarly, when the thermistor gets hot its resistance reduces and the heat output is lowered.

In addition to the thermistor the ECH400 also contains a thermostat to switch on the heater only when needed. This prevents the CCTV camera being overheated in the warm summer months.

The ECH400 has the same cable managed bracket has the following extra features:

Double skin top for added protection against the elements and projectiles. Wider and more accessible side opening enabling easier engineer access. Additional cables glands and blanks to enable easy traditional cable access. Tougher metal front panel.