Compact 12 Channel H.264 Mobile Digital Video Recorder


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Full featured video surveillance on the move: the EverFocus EMV1200 digital video recorder, with H.264 compression technology for enhanced recording capacity and improved network image transmission speed with high image quality, delivers real-time video and audio recoding on all 12 channels (120fps @ D1 resolution, frame rate and resolution independently configurable for each camera) along with comprehensive features including hot swap hard drive, embedded 3-axis g-sensor, GPS receiver interface, 802.11a/b/g WiFi, individual camera power outputs, remote control capability and shock/vibration resistant locking Molex connectors make this DVR the best choice for your portable and mobile recording applications. The DVR provides multiple interfaces including 3 USB ports, RS-485, RS-232, GPS port, wired and WiFi Ethernet, IR remote control, 12 alarm inputs and 2 alarm outputs. Video and audio outputs are provided at both front and rear panels for ease of installation and maintenance, plus the new easy to read graphical user interface is specially designed for use with portable small-screen monitors. The power supply in the EMV1200 provides surge protection, voltage regulation, and programmable delay power on/off for the DVR and the system cameras. The EMV1200 canbe equipped with an optional explosion-proof ‘Explosion-proof storage’ to retain the last minute of recorded video for evidence/investigation.

· 12 Channels of video and audio recording
· Recording Rate : 120fps @ D1 resolution / 240fps @ 2CIF / 480fps @ CIF resolution (with global settings; record rate, resolution and quality can be set independently per-camera up to the maximum of 480 CIF-equivalent FPS)
· H.264 compression format for efficient disk and network utilization
· Front and rear panel video/audio outputs for easy connection and configuration
· Special Graphical User Interface design for use with mobile small-sized monitors
· Molex connectors for shock & vibration resistance; interface cables to BNC, RCA and power jacks supplied
· Alarm Inputs & Outputs : 12 & 2 (alarm outputs are form “C”)
· Embedded 3-axis g-sensor function with separate programmable alarm levels for X/Y and Z axis
· Removable video storage hard disk; easy playback on PC (using EPR110 purchased separately)
· Supports single 3.5” SATA hard disk standard (up to 2TB)
· Supports multiple interfaces: 3xUSB , RS-485, RS-232, GPS port, wired Ethernet, IR Remote Control
· Built in wireless 802.11 a/b/g with diversity antennas
· Provides camera power for 12 cameras; interface cables to power jacks supplied
· Optional External EDGE/GPRS/CDMA/WI-FI Modules for cellular/ specialized wireless Transmission
· GPS function tracks speed and geographic limits (optional external GPS receiver)
· Explosion-proof ‘Explosion-proof storage’ interface (option)
· Power Supply : 10V~32VDC with Surge Protection, Voltage Regulator, programmable Delay on/off
· Temperature : -40ºC ~ 55ºC(Operating), -40ºC ~ 85ºC(Non-Operating