EHA-CRX HD-SDI Converter & Repeater


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The EHA-CRX accepts  HDcctv video signal from an HDcctv camera or other source, and coverts the signal for presentation on the HDMI input of an HD TV or monitor. The converter supports HDcctv video signals as well as signals compliant with the SMPTE 292M, 296M standards, at data rates up to 1.5Gb/s. With integrated cable equalizer technology, the CRX is capable of receiving HDcctv video at up to 1920 x 1080 resolution over 75Ω coaxial cable at distances of up to 500 feet on RG59 coaxial cable (overall distance depends on actual cable type and loss). This provides a complete solution for the transmission and display of both interlaced and progressive scan HDcctv video for coaxial cable-based HDcctv systems. The EHA-CRX also repeats the HDcctv input signal for retransmission to downstream HDcctv recorders or other devices.