PowerVideo Plus CMS Software


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Easy Setup

• Mix and match IP, Analog and Mobile devices
• Supports all Everfocus branded products
• Automatic device discovery
• Intuitive Drag & Drop interface

Powerful Viewing

• Up to 8 x 8 live view matrix screen
• Up to 10 pages of matrix views and automatic pageflipping
• Unlimited numbers of monitors support
• Everfocus Multi Stream™ technology

Flexible Recording

• Manual, Scheduled and Event based recording
• Remote archiving of DVR/Mobile DVR
• Multiple recording folders and Round-robin overwritingschema
• 1-click snapshot / record and quick playback

Additional Features

• PTZ controls and digital zooming
• Dynamic E-Maps to clearly see where each device isinstalled
• GPS tracking / fencing of Mobile DVRs
• 2-way audio support
• User configurable Alarm events
• User access management
• Bandwidth monitor