Two Technologies of Home security systems-Zigbee and Z Wave

With home security systems without wire, you’ll be able to come through technology and home automation standards known as Z-Wave and Zigbee. Just what are Zigbee and Z-Wave and how are these two Home security systems technologies are different . Both Z-Wave and Zibgee are known as mesh networking meaning each node integrated in this system will act as a source of data and wireless repeater as well. The data from one node continue to jump or jump from one node to the next node until it reaches the gateway router. Both Z-Wave and Zigbee are frequently used in the manufacture of wireless home and other things security systems such as HVAC control, home automation and other systems to enterprise security. These networks use the same protocol also known as the low personal rate for a united network physical layer.

Zigbee and Z Wave

Zigbee and Z Wave

ZigBee home security systems is different home security systems Z-Wave as such because it uses the 2.4 GHz frequency band which means that the hardware using, it can be used and installed anywhere in the world. However 2.4 GHz is a busy frequency and can be subject to interference from Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi. Z-Wave is different because it uses the ISM 915 MHz frequency ban. Z-Wave uses its own radio system made by Sigma Designs has everything Zigbee suppliers for their radio systems. Home security systems with the Z-Wave technology have less hassles of Zigbee interoperability that when it comes to this aspect.

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